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lipivir® - Cold Sore Prevention Gel

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lipivir® is the new lip care gel that looks after your lips and helps prevent cold sores. To be applied daily to the lip line and cold sore prone areas. Through regular, daily application of lipivir®, the frequency of cold sores can be reduced.


Mixture of polyethylene glycols
(You'll find a full breakdown of how lipivir® works in our FAQ section below

Special attributes:

  • Discreet - as it is a transparent gel, no one can see that you're using it
  • Skin friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
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About lipivir®

lipivir® is the new lip gel product that gives your lips the care they deserve - and can reduce the frequency of cold sores. Because looking after your lips is the best way to prevent unsightly and painful blisters. Now you can count on lipivir® with its innovative formula to help put your lip worries behind you. lipivir® is proudly cruelty free and vegan.

How do I apply lipivir®?

Use a pin-sized drop of lipivir® gel and apply to the lip line and cold sore-prone areas once in the morning and evening. After waiting 1 minute you can apply your favourite moisturizing lip balm, skin care or makeup.

How much gel should I apply?

All you need is a small, pin-sized drop of lipivir® per application, once in the morning and evening.

Can I put sunblock, make-up or moisturizing lip balms on over lipivir®?

Yes. After letting it set for a few seconds, you can apply sunblock, moisturizer, makeup, lipstick, you name it! The great thing about lipivir® is that it interrupts the virus from communicating, meaning that whatever you apply after your lipivir® has set won’t get the virus transferred on to it.

What is lipivir® made of?

The substance that causes the effect that helps prevent cold sores in lipivir® is a proprietary mixture of polyethylene glycols (PEGs). That PEGs have this preventive effect against cold sores is patented by Devirex AG and the effect of lipivir® has been proven in clinical trials. lipivir® has no known side effects, as PEGs are considered harmless, and is approved as a medical device.

How does lipivir® work?

When the HSV1 herpes virus is dormant it sits in the ganglion nerve tissue. It sends out scout virus particles to investigate the condition of the lip cells. If the conditions are favourable, the scout virus particles send back signals to the herpes virus in the nerve tissue. 

lipivir® interrupts this viral signalling, meaning that the virus particles around the lip cells, or the affected area that the product is applied to, cannot inform the herpes virus in the ganglion nerve tissue. This helps prevent an invasion of new virus particles, and therefore a cold sore outbreak is impeded.

Put simply, lipivir® builds a barrier – an internal barrier against the viral signalling that causes cold sores.

Does lipivir® have any side effects?

Only if too much of the product is applied, which can result in a burning sensation. To avoid this, only use the maximum amount of a small, pin-sized drop, once in the morning and evening.
The ingredients of lipivir® (polyethylene glycols) have no known side effects.

Will people know I’m using it?

No. The lipivir® gel is transparent, so even if you don't wear any makeup over it, no-one will know you’re using it or that you suffer from cold sores.

Is lipivir® moisturizing?

No. The main purpose of lipivir® is to act as a preventative and applying too much can cause dryness. Please be aware to not apply more than the maximum recommended amount.

I accidentally licked my lips and came into contact with lipivir®, is it safe?

No need to worry. If you happen to lick your lips, you may notice a bitter taste; this is lipivir®’s natural taste. lipivir® is safe and should not lead to any adverse effects.

Is lipivir® safe to use to help my baby/child?

Yes. A lot of our customers already use lipivir® to help their children. For children under 12 it's important to use a very small amount of the product, for which we advise using half the amount advised in the section 'How much lipivir should I apply?' above.