I have been using Lipvir for around 6 months now and I would have had at these two or three coldsores by now ... i can say hand on heart this product is a game changer... not one coldsore since using lipvir I would highly recommend.
- Julie B. (Facebook Review)
I've suffered since a teenager, now 58. This stuff really works. Best thing I've ever used and believe me I've tried everything including prescription medication too. Totally recommend lipivir to any sufferers!
- Karen Quinn (Facebook Comment)
lipivir in my opinion is the best cold sore cream available. I recently had ran out of the cream and typically got a cold sore.  I had to use other named brands which I hadn’t used in a while and found that they were no way near as good as lipivir. I will make sure I always have some in future.
- Jill I. (Facebook Review)
I use lipivir regularly and I have not had a cold sore since using it. It's amazing!!
I highly recommend that everyone buys it.
- Brenda L. (Facebook Review)
Keeps lips soft and haven’t had a cold sore. Will keep using!
- Pauline C. (Facebook Review)
lipivir definitely changed my life from the first day. It's really amazing and finally make me really happy to wear lipstick and lip gloss any time. The best thing that happened to me this year.
- Parashiva H. (Facebook Review)
I’ve waited all of my adult life for a product as effective as this! A total game changer for me & my social life as cold sores really knock my confidence.
- Keryll J. (Facebook Review)
Sun is a huge trigger for my cold sores and I had 3 in one month! Got this not having high hopes but since using it every day for 5 weeks I've not had one since even though I've been sunbathing. Absolute game changer, will be ordering more so I'm never without it
- Emma B. (Facebook Review)
Loved using this product. Very glad as I had a big event coming up and did not need the horror of a cold sore!
Thoroughly recommend.
- Kiri H. (Facebook Review)
lipivir is now among the products I use daily... thanks to its effectiveness I said goodbye to lip herpes and therefore I keep cold sores away. A good product that I recommend.
- Mary B. (Facebook Review)
Cannot recommend this enough. I was skeptical but really impressed with how effective it is. Have only been using it for three days and foolishly forgot to apply the gel yesterday then I felt the dreaded tingle and swelling on my bottom lip. I quickly applied the gel which immediately eased the pain, reduced the swelling and stopped the cold sore from developing.
- Nicky B. (Facebook Review)
I decided to give it ago that was roughly
2 years ago and have never looked back. Buy this cream, you will not be disappointed. Best cream ever to keep those painful horrible cold sores away.
P.S the tube is small but trust me you only need a bit. It lasts a long time and works!!
- Chrissy H. (Facebook Review)
Really helpful and been so useful. Quick and effective!
- Chloe W. (Facebook Review)
I have been suffering from cold sores for many years and no prescribed or on the counter product helped me like Lipivir has done! I did not feel any bad reaction or sensitivity and my lips feel smooth and soft! Totally an amazing product!!
- Maya A. (Facebook Review)