Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Information: What are the estimated delivery times for my order?

Austria: 1-4 business days once dispatched

Belgium/France/Italy/Luxembourg: 3-5 business days once dispatched

Ireland: 3-5 business days once dispatched

Liechtenstein/Switzerland: 2-3 business days once dispatched

Malta: 6-7 business days once dispatched

United Kingdom 2-3 business days once dispatched (with Royal Mail 48®)


Orders placed on Friday to Sunday are processed in our central warehouse and shipped on Mondays.

For UK orders: We experience delays in shipments. Royal Mail 48® aims to deliver within 2 business days, however, this is not guaranteed and can take up to 7 business days.

What is lipivir® made of?

A proprietary mixture of polyethylene glycols (PEGs). Visit our 'About Us' page for a full breakdown of how lipivir® works. 

How much lipivir® should I apply?

All you need is a small, pin-sized drop of lipivir® per application. In order to prevent outbreaks, it should be applied daily to the lip line and cold sore-prone area once in the morning and evening.

Can I use lipivir® if I already have a cold sore?

lipivir® should not do any harm. However, it is currently not known whether the healing time is shortened, as this hasn’t been tested in a clinic. We do not recommend applying lipivir® when a sore is there, especially if the skin is broken. 

How effective is Lipivir and how can I be sure that it works?

Clinical trials of Lipivir demonstrated a very high reduction in outbreaks of cold sores amongst participants and this evidence is backed up by great reviews from real customers. See our Trustpilot reviews HERE.

Does lipivir® have any side effects?

Only if too much of the product is applied, which can result in a burning sensation. To avoid this, only use the maximum amount of a small, pin-sized drop, once in the morning and evening.

The ingredients of lipivir® (polyethylene glycols) have no known side effects.

Is lipivir® moisturizing?

No. The main purpose of lipivir® is to act as a preventative and applying too much can cause dryness. Please be aware to not apply more than the maximum recommended amount.

Can I put sunblock, make-up or moisturizing lip balms on over lipivir®?

Yes. After letting your lipivir® set for a few seconds, you can apply sunblock, moisturizer, makeup, lipstick, you name it! The great thing about lipivir® is that it interrupts the virus from communicating, meaning that whatever you apply, after your lipivir® has set, won’t get the virus transferred on to it.

I accidentally licked my lips and came into contact with lipivir®, is it safe?

No need to worry. If you happen to lick your lips, you may notice a bitter taste; this is lipivir®’s natural taste. lipivir® is safe and should not lead to any adverse effects.

Will people know I'm using the product?

No. The lipivir® gel is transparent, so even if you don't wear any makeup over it, no-one will know you’re using it or that you suffer from cold sores.

Are there any import charges or customs duties to be paid?

There are no import charges or duties for orders delivered within the UK and Switzerland.