Stop getting cold sores | Lipivir cold sore prevention

Putting a stop to Cold Sores!

If you suffer from regular cold sore outbreaks then look no further. 

lipivir® is a new, revolutionary product that can prevent cold sores from appearing, providing relief and comfort for your lips!

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Reduce outbreaks | Lipivir cold sore prevention

Reducing Cold Sore Outbreaks

lipivir® is the new lip gel that gives your lips the care they deserveand can reduce the frequency of cold sores.

Because looking after your lips is the best way to prevent unsightly and painful blisters. Count on lipivir® and finish mouth herpes before it breaks out.

✔ Scientifically proven to prevent cold sores

✔ Reduces regular outbreaks

✔ Provides relief, comfort & confidence

✔ Discreet & skin friendly

Get rid of cold sores forever
Handy and easy to use | Lipivir cold sore prevention

Easy to use

Use a pin-sized drop of lipivir® gel and apply to the lip line and your other affected areas. After waiting 1 minute you can apply your favourite moisturizing lip balm, skin care or makeup.

lipivir® is a prevention product and only needs to be applied twice a day to keep you covered: once in the morning and in the evening.

So don’t wait for your cold sores to appear – get protected with lipivir®!

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