Naomi - The Aspiring Lawyer

Naomi - The Aspiring Lawyer

Naomi had always wanted to be a lawyer. It ran in the family, as she had always been fascinated by her father’s wig and robes and the mysteries of the Inns of Court in London, when she had visited him at work. As she grew up and studied for university, she often became a bit stressed when it came to revision and exams and this would always seem to trigger a cold sore, no matter the season. This then started to happen every month. She could predict almost to the day when she would start to feel a tingle and have to face the fact that she was going to have another week of pain and embarrassment. 

University days came and went and soon she had passed the bar, with which came appearances in court as an assistant – whether she wanted to be seen or not. As she progressed, she began to meet with and represent clients more often. However, she dreaded having to meet people every time she didn't look her best, so she always tried to schedule appointments for before or afterwards. She had tried every product she could find to deal with this ghastly affliction but nothing helped and just ‘covering-up’ made it feel even more obvious. Having to present a case in court became a nightmare of trying to avoid certain angles and the stares of the judges, clerks and public. 

Then Naomi heard about lipivir®, a completely different approach, where you didn’t have to wait for signs of the oncoming disaster, but you could put it on and avoid it happening at all. It sounded a bit too good to be true at first, but after all those years of suffering she thought it would be worth a try. The tube arrived in the post after she ordered it online. Fortunately it arrived a week before the next likely problem. So she set about using it mornings and evenings, just after brushing her teeth and before putting on her make up in the morning and after removing it in the evening. Day passed....and nothing happened. No cold sore. She could hardly believe it! So she has kept up the routine and now two months later she is really beginning to believe that her monthly nightmare may be over. 

Naomi is now thinking about how this is going to help her in the rest of her life too. Not just at work, but socially too. No longer having to plan when she goes out in public, or having to worry about what make up she can wear with what outfit, her whole life has definitely changed for the better!

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