Nadine – is that you?

Nadine – is that you?

Nadine is one of those girls who is really making it in the field of sport. Her parents always encouraged her to get involved and now after years of dedication, she has made the national overland skiing team in Switzerland.

Like a lot of sports though, with competition comes pressure, and this can result in stress and if you’re unlucky, stress can bring on cold sores. For Nadine this is her nightmare, as nowadays just being a competitor isn’t enough – you have to look good too to get sponsorship.

Year after year in the juniors, when it didn’t actually matter so much, winning was also a bit of a trial as there would be the photos and the reporters, even if they were only from the local paper, But being in a team she could always hide out at the back for the team photoshoot. Now, however, it’s got more serious; she’s popular and needs to show herself to the crowd. Cold sores in that situation really get you down.

Nadine had tried most of the usual stuff but with little success and, after the sore had already appeared what good was it anyway? That's when Nadine heard about lipivir® and life has taken a real turn for the better. Using it regularly so that she’s always protected, Nadine hasn’t had a cold sore for ages, and that means she’s out there at the front when it comes to podium time!

So Nadine is off to the races – literally, as a competitor and as a sports personality. Compared to the old days, when people look at the papers, they really do ask - Nadine? Is that you?

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