Ian – Twice in the Business Limelight

Ian – Twice in the Business Limelight

Ian G 47 years 

The life of the entrepreneur is fast and furious. Meetings, presentations, late nights and early mornings and constant travel make stress a constant companion. I have been through all this twice now and between finding money from investors , dealing with suppliers and customers, recruiting and managing staff, I sometimes have a moment to sit back and wonder whether I really enjoy it all. 

My family life is precious to me too as because life with my wife and kids has to be squeezed between my business activities we make every moment count as they have their own busy schedules with schools, sports, learning instruments and performing – it makes for a whirlwind existence getting our schedules together. 

Throughout all of this, and perhaps partly because of it, I kept getting cold sores. Nothing to do with the weather of course, but often because I’m feeling worn out and burned out, my immune system must be a bit down too. When these blasted things turn up it really puts a damper on life. I don’t feel good, I don’t look good and that drags on my self-confidence in business and enjoyment of our family occasions. 

Recently I heard about lipivir from a friend who told me it was a completely new approach to this problem and all I can say is it’s about time. Nothing I’ve tried in the past has had the slightest effect on them when they break out, never mind being able to stop them from appearing in the first place. Naturally I was sceptical, but after getting some and using it twice a day as it said in the instructions because I never know when the next one will turn up I’ve been waiting to see if it works. 

Well I have to say it’s been two months so far, and it’s so far so good. No sign of a cold sore at all despite a really busy schedule over the summer and the brief holiday we took in the Med which itself usually brings one on because of the strong sunshine. I’m not easily persuaded by advertising claims but this time I’ve got my own proof. You can bet that I won’t be forgetting to keep this with me when I travel and, I’ve bought another one for the bathroom so I can apply it mornings and evenings. This is good stuff!

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