Vegan Power to the Rescue!

Vegan Power to the Rescue!

Not that long ago it was hard to even find vegetarian dishes and products on offer, but veganism has now well and truly gone mainstream, given its undeniable impact on sustainability.

The Rise of Veganism

We’re not only seeing a huge movement to more plant-based diets or the growing popularity of vegan fashion.

Interest in animal-free products has lead to the creation of alternatives to leather made from mushrooms, apple peels and pineapple waste, as well as vegan silk. Luxury car manufacturers such as Tesla and Bentley are reported to be exploring alternative materials to leather to cater for high-wealth ethical consumers.

In 2018 the fashion world has gone crazy for biofabrication. Not only have big names such as Tom Ford, Gucci & Armani made the shift to being fur-free, but vegan fashion brands such as Jakke & Ministry of Tomorrow are continuing to impress with their with their environmentally friendly garments walking the runway.

Back to Basics for Beauty

Many beauty brands are actively removing animal products from their merchandise, as the demand for cruelty free items continues to rise, especially from the new generation of trendsetters. In the UK alone, an estimated 3.5 million people identify as vegan, with an additional 7 million being vegetarian.

Companies such as The Body Shop and Lush are proud promoters of their vegan and cruelty-free produce and other companies are now in the race to play catch up. So if you're about to start a company of your own, it would definitely be worth considering going vegan from the start.

Part of the Solution

lipivir® is proud to be part of the change that is sweeping the globe, as it has been vegan from inception and does not test its products on animals.

So, you can let lipivir® help you stay cold sore and cruelty free!

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