Staying Cold Sore Free at Christmas

Staying Cold Sore Free at Christmas

Cold sore sufferers know this feeling all too well:

The long awaited Christmas break is finally here! The gifts are bought, packed and elaborately decorated. 

You’ll be thinking about what dress to wear, what make-up to put on - and suddenly you feel it; that tell-tale tingle, telling you that the dreaded cold sores are on their way!

Of course it had to be today of all days, when the only thing you want is to enjoy the holiday season with your beloved family… And now you find yourself running to the nearest drugstore in desperate search of a remedy, only adding to your Christmas stress.


Enjoy a carefree Christmas with lipivir®

Help is at hand! Applying a small drop of lipivir® in the mornings and evenings a few days before Christmas will help keep those nasty cold sores at bay.

The even better news is that other lip care and make-up products can be used directly after using lipivir® without interfering with its preventative effects. That way you’ll be protected and look fabulous on the big day!

Making lipivir® your constant companion will enable you to enjoy your festive celebrations relaxed and hassle free – without any unwelcome cold sore surprises!

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