Red Lipstick - a Fashion Item of Timeless Beauty

Red Lipstick - a Fashion Item of Timeless Beauty

In the world of cosmetics red lipstick is pretty much the equivalent to ‘the little black dress’ in the fashion world. This passionate colour continues to be as popular as ever and it’s hard to imagine a makeup drawer without it.


Classically elegant with Red Lips

Its universally agreed that pretty much any woman can get away with wearing red lipstick. The colour is available in so many different shades, that there’s a match for any skin type out there. Red lips have always had a sense of ‘drama’ and are both seductive and regal at the same time. That’s why they are the perfect choice for a stylish evening out. However, they are not just restricted to parties and galas, as when combined with the nude make up look it’s often also an excellent choice as an every day look, e.g. going out at the weekend or for a casual dinner. 


Confidence to commit to Colour

It unfortunately also has to be mentioned that even though the colour has a timeless beauty and remains popular there are a lot of women that don’t trust themselves to follow this wonderful trend. Confidence is key here, as you have to fully commit to the ‘fashion statement’ that red lips carry with them. The most important thing is to determine your skin tone, which in turn determines which shade of red would be the best choice.


Experimenting trumps Studying

If you’re at all uncertain about trying out red lips in the first place, you don’t have to buy the products to try them out. More often than not you can request free samples to see for yourself whether you can and want to wear the timeless trend.


Be bold - you never know what a little colour could do for you!

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