How to Ensure Healthy Kissable Lips All Year Long

How to Ensure Healthy Kissable Lips All Year Long

Having a healthy, radiant, powerful pout can mean the difference between feeling on top of the world and feeling like you’d rather stay in bed - which is not the way you want to kick off the New Year after all!

It’s easy to become complacent when it comes to your lips, as we often don’t notice there’s an issue until it's too late. Whether that’s dryness, irritation, lack of plumpness (or god forbid a coldsore!) by the time our bodies tell us something’s up, we’re forced to go into full-on war room mode; so what if there were things you could do to make a long-term difference, ensuring your pout was always preened and perfect?

Our brand ambassador Hayley Hall put together some of her top tips to ensure your lips are healthy and kissable all year long:


I’ve experienced my fair share of cold sores over the years and they’re never fun. Once they’ve appeared they leave your lips uncomfortable, sore, crusty and visually a little bit bleugh – and most importantly, they prevent you from applying the products you want to use.

Cold sores can zap your confidence and leave you wanting to hide away, but thankfully lipivir® have created something to help. Applying a small amount on the affected area both morning and night can help prevent the appearance of cold sores, even up to that first tingle.

The HSV1 virus that causes cold sores reactivates by sending signals between particles to ‘wake-up’ and start replicating so they can spread; lipivir® has a special formulation that disrupts these signals so they don’t arrive; its special formula is made of different polymers of ethylene glycol (a biologically inactive substance which interferes with the signals) ‘jamming’ the viruses’ communications and preventing outbreaks.

Clever eh? Pop it by your toothbrush so you remember to apply every time you brush your teeth! 


Many of the lip glosses and lipsticks we use are enriched with ingredients that can irritate or dry out the surface of lips; if you’ve ever applied a red lipstick multiple times in one day, you’ll be very familiar with the sensation. 

Investing in a great lip balm that will help replenish lost moisture and inject goodness into the skin (through ingredients such as Vitamin E, coconut oil, beeswax or shea butter) will ensure you’ve always got a helping hand at your side. Pop one in your bag and on your desk so you can top up throughout the day. 


Exfoliating away a build-up of dry and dead skin cells will help rejuvenate the skin beneath, while encouraging blood to rise to the surface (providing a more youthful and plump appearance.)

Whether you want to make your own scrub with a touch of sugar and coconut oil, or opt for a shop-bought version, make sure you buff the formula gently over lips once a week (or after you’ve been wearing lipstick) to leave your pout feeling fresh and smooth. Finish off with a dab of balm too soothe. 


Just like with our skin, our lips can benefit from a little overnight pampering. While our bodies are in ‘go slow’ mode they can focus more on repair, putting products to work effectively so you awake rejuvenated.

Apply either a thick layer of your usual lip balm or moisturiser before bed, so it can work to soothe and hydrate as you slumber; if you’re a regular lipstick wearer then this is also the perfect way to ensure your lips are always the perfect blank canvas ready to be painted in the morning.


Rather surprisingly, dry air can also dry out your lips – especially in the winter when the air can be dryer and our lips are exposed to cold winds.

Investing in a humidifier to place in rooms where you spend a lot of time (such as your living room or bedroom) will help to infuse more moisture into the air; popping it on while you sleep will boost the performance of your products, while ensuring the delicate top layers are plumped full of moisture. I’ve had one of these in my bedroom for around a year and it’s definitely helped prevent dryness and left my skin feeling fab.


Nobody should have to suffer with dry, irritated or sore lips – but luckily help is at hand in the form of lipivir®!

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