Do Winter Chills mean Cold Sore Blues?

Do Winter Chills mean Cold Sore Blues?

 Many people assume that cold sores only appear when the weather starts to turn chilly, which is understandable, as ‘cold’ is in the name after all.

However, this is actually a complete myth, as ironically, sun is the most common trigger for cold sores. Direct sunlight can kick-start the virus into action, so those who are planning sun-soaked holidays are the most at risk to the cold sore virus.

We have some tips and tricks to keep cold sores at bay, no matter where or when you’re chasing the sun:

  1. De-stress

Although 85% of the population carry the cold sore virus, you can reduce the chances of one flaring up by calming your stress levels. Easier said than done? There are simple and quick techniques which can help to relieve tension, such as going for a walk, turning off your phone for a couple of hours or taking five minutes out to enjoy a nice warm drink.

  1. Superfood, Super You!

Not only do whole foods and superfoods provide the foundation for good health and prevent many illnesses, but the nutrients also help boost your immune system, which build up your resistance to the cold sore virus. Why not try adding different nuts, seeds and fruits to your meals to keep things interesting and full of goodness!

  1. Keep lip care on top form

Keeping your lip care routine on top form is the key to preventing cold sores from occurring. Not only is it vital to invest in a good lip balm to keep lips hydrated, but it’s equally essential to use a cold sore preventative such as lipivir®.

It’s a clear gel product and helps prevent cold sores from forming if applied regularly (we recommend using it twice a day), reducing the frequency of outbreaks. Other products on the market that act as a treatment for cold sores, attempt to deal with the problem by healing or disguising the open sore once it has appeared, whereas lipivir® is the only product which can be used before any signs or symptoms occur.

  1. Go easy on catching those rays

As sunlight weakens the immune system and makes you more susceptible to illnesses, it is so important to wear SPF sun cream (anything over 30 is most effective), and apply a good quality lip balm regularly - especially if you’re going somewhere where you will be exposed to direct sunlight. lipivir® can be applied immediately before any other lip product.

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