Cold Sore Myths Debunked

Cold Sore Myths Debunked

When it comes to old wives’ tales and home cold sore remedies to keep them at bay, myths rather than facts are commonplace.

Below are some myths we’ve debunked and some bizarre remedies we urge you to avoid so you can brace the cold with confidence:

  1. I don’t have symptoms so I don’t have the virus

It’s true that many people don’t experience symptoms when they’re having an outbreak – or perhaps their symptoms are so mild they don’t even notice them. This is precisely why so many people with the virus don’t even realise they have it.

  1. You can only get cold sores on your lips

Cold sores can appear almost anywhere on your face. It’s also common to get them on or inside your nose. Some people have also reported to get them around the eye area which can be extremely uncomfortable – and difficult to hide.

  1. Cold sores are only contagious when they blister

Right from that very first ‘tingling’ stage, a cold sore is highly contagious. This level of contagion remains in place right up to when the sore has completely healed.

  1. Putting ice on cold sores helps them heal faster

Although freezing treatments work for other viral conditions like verrucas, ice won’t do the trick and will only relieve the pain temporarily.

  1. Putting nail varnish on cold sores stops them spreading

Not only highly toxic on the delicate mouth area, nail varnish is a sticky and highly flammable product that should not be put anywhere but on the nails!

  1. Cold sores can’t be prevented – only treated

This is no longer true thanks to lipivir®. Our clear gel, if applied frequently to cold sore prone parts of the face ,will prevent cold sores from forming at all. It also drastically reduces the frequency of outbreaks.

Unfortunately, the cold sore virus cannot be healed completely, but luckily for most people it will lay dormant with no symptoms for years, if at all.

If you’re worried about how much cold sores are impacting your life, ensure that you use two tiny dabs of lipivir® morning and night to stop the virus working on a daily basis.

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