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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Information: How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders placed on Friday to Sunday are processed in our central warehouse and shipped on Mondays. Parcels are sent by A Priority mail.

UK: 6-7 business days once dispatched

Ireland/Malta: 6-7 business days once dispatched

Austria: 1-4 business days once dispatched

Belgium/France/Italy/Luxembourg: 3-5 business days once dispatched

Liechtenstein/Switzerland: 2-3 business days once dispatched

What is lipivir® made of?

A proprietary mixture of polyethylene glycols (PEGs). Visit our 'About Us' page for a full break down of how lipivir® works.

How much lipivir® should I apply?

All you need is a small, pin-sized drop of lipivir® per application. In order to prevent outbreaks, it should be applied daily to the cold sore/herpes-prone area once in the morning and evening.

Can I use lipivir® if I already have a cold sore?

lipivir® should not do any harm. However, it is currently not known whether the healing time is shortened, as this hasn’t been tested in a clinic. We do not recommend to apply lipivir® when a sore is there, especially if the skin is broken.

Does lipivir® have any side effects?

Only if too much of the product is applied, which can result in a burning sensation. To avoid this, only use the maximum amount of a small, pin-sized drop, once in the morning and evening.

The ingredients of lipivir® (polyethylene glycols) have no known side effects.

How much should I apply?

The maximum amount needed to remain protected for 24hrs is a small, pin-sized drop in the morning and evening. Too much can dry out your skin.

Is lipivir® moisturizing?

No. The main purpose of lipivir® is to act as a preventative and applying too much can cause dryness. Please be aware to not apply more than the maximum recommended amount.

Can I put sunblock, make-up or moisturizing lip balms on over lipivir®?

Yes. After letting it set for a few seconds, you can apply sunblock, moisturizer, makeup, lipstick, you name it! The great thing about lipivir® is that it interrupts the virus from communicating, meaning that whatever you apply after your lipivir® has set won’t get the virus transferred on to it.

I accidentally licked my lips and came into contact with lipivir®, is it safe?

No need to worry. If you happen to lick your lips, you may notice a bitter taste; this is lipivir®’s natural taste. lipivir® is safe and should not lead to any adverse effects.

Will people know I’m using it?

No. The lipivir® gel is transparent, so even if you don't wear any makeup over it, no-one will know you’re using it or that you suffer from cold sores. 

Is lipivir® safe to use to help my baby/child?

Yes. A lot of our customers already use lipivir® to help their children. For children under 12 it's important to use a very small amount of the product, for which we advise using half the amount advised in the section 'How much lipivir should I apply?' above.

Can I cancel/return my order?

Once products are dispatched we cannot take them back for safety reasons, as lipivir® is a regulated product. Our orders are dispatched the day after an order is placed.

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