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Stop Cold Sores before they start! Read our Customer Stories.

A New Life for Francesca Smith – Without Cold Sores!

Ever since the beginning of her childhood, Fran started having cold sore outbreaks. The herpes virus, which is the source of the blistering and pain, is something that anyone can catch. In fact, 9 out...

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Naomi - The Aspiring Lawyer

Naomi had always wanted to be a lawyer. It ran in the family, as she had always been fascinated by her father’s wig and robes and the mysteries of the Inns of Court in London, when she had visited...

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Ian – Twice in the Business Limelight

Ian G 47 years  The life of the entrepreneur is fast and furious. Meetings, presentations, late nights and early mornings and constant travel make stress a constant companion. I have been through...

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Nadine – is that you?

Nadine is one of those girls who is really making it in the field of sport. Her parents always encouraged her to get involved and now after years of dedication, she has made the national overland skiing...

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