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Been using it on my son’s chapped lips, it's brought about a huge improvement.

by Debbie

I really like it! I also gave lipivir to my friend’s daughter who had an awful mess on her lips and nothing she got from the chemist worked. lipivir did. Being 16 she was very self-conscious, so I felt really happy to be able to help her. 

by Caroline

Always got cold sores on holidays. They seem to be activated by the sun, so now I use lipivir from the first day of my holiday and have been cold sore free every holiday since! 

by Julie

I always got at least 4 cold sores a year. I have had none since I started using lipivir. Fantastic product. Only thing that has ever worked for me.

by Melanie

I am a 73 year-old woman and suffered cold sores on my lips and face for years. I have spent a lot of money on creams over the years, but nothing as good as this. Thank you. Sheila.

by Sheila

Having tried all the wonder cures on the market. I tried lipivir not expecting much difference, but I was very pleased to say this really did work. At last a product that works!

by Catcher

I highly recommend this product for anyone who suffers from cold sores, whether it be regularly or just every now and then. It's always handy to have something on standby in case of a breakout and lipivir is perfect for that. It also smells really nice and makes your lips feel smooth and fresh. Thank you!

by Max

lipivir® is a brilliant product and is very effective. It’s one of a kind!

by Riya

I LOVE lipivir. It is so refreshing to use a cold sore product that not only works, but also does not leave you with a horrible white flaky mess once it's applied and prevents the pain.

by Kerry

It works a treat! It’s the best lip sore lotion I have tried and I have tried a lot of options.

by Amanda

This is a FAB product, as a cold sore hasn’t come up at all!!! Stopped in its tracks, love it!

by Lisa

lipivir has made a huge difference. I am now on my second tube and can honestly say that I have recommended it a lot. I'm so impressed.

by Victoria

I totally love it!! It's extremely effective for me and it's the only thing I reach for when I get that dreaded tingle!!

by Allie

Over the years I have tried everything. lipivir is different... it actually works!

by Pauline

I think lipivir is great! I have been using it for a couple of years now and though I get the odd tingle every now and then, I’ve not had a full-blown cold sore since I started using it.

by Rob

When I tried lipivir I was amazed that it did not only work but stopped the cold sore from breaking out into full flare. Brilliant product!!!!

by Ricky

lipivir is a truly amazing product. It totally healed my evil cold sore within days, stopping it in its tracks and saving me the hideous pain and embarrassment I’ve suffered for many years. I honestly can’t recommend this product highly enough, it’s so amazing, as it’s the only cold sore cream that I’ve found to be any good.

by Clare

I wouldn't be without lipivir now - wonderful stuff. The slightest tingle and I'm reaching for it. The cold sore comes to nothing. lipivir to the rescue!

by Maggie

I'm 73 and have suffered cold sores on my lips and face for years. I've spent a lot of money on creams over time, but nothing as good as this.

by Sheila

lipivir stopped my evil cold sore in its tracks, saving me the hideous pain and embarrassment I’ve suffered for many years. I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough!

by Clare

Having tried everything on the market, lipivir really does work. The results are amazing!

by Netty

Influencer testimonials:

All hail #lipivir for preventing any more chapped lips and cold sores! (Plus I can wear it under my lipstick - win win)!

by @hannahmatcha

Keeping those pesky coldsores at bay with #lipivir. It's my winter make-up essential and goes absolutely everywhere with me.

by @millydaydreams

lipivir is just awesome! It definitely makes me more photo happy, as it means any cold sores are kept at bay. And my lips are smooth and comfortable the whole time.

by @emshelx

A cold sore is never welcome. Not only does it knock my confidence, but can be downright painful too. #lipivir is my new beauty essential that keeps cold sores at bay.

by @launenden

If you're an unlucky bugger like me and suffer from the occasional cold sore #lipivir could be your new makeup bag essential. I apply it before my lipstick to help prevent the horrible things from occurring. 

by @mydebeauvoirdiaries