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Cold Sore Care & Prevention

lipivir® is a revolutionary new lip gel that can help stop cold sores before they start! 87% of the world's population are infected with the Herpes Simplex Virus which causes cold sores when conditions are favourable.

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The Symptoms of Cold Sores:

  1. A tingling sensation is usually the first sign, and lipivir should be applied immediately to provide relief and help prevent cold sores from breaking out
  2. Sensitivity and skin tightness often occur when changes are happening quickly to your body.
  3. High temperature and fever, especially if you feel nauseous and your temperature is 38C/100.4F or above.
  4. Swollen lymph nodes or a sore throat are signs that your body is trying to fight the virus.
  5. Blisters happen when the cold sore has already begun to break out, which causes dry skin and eventually small fluid-filled sores appear.

The Causes of Cold Sores:

  1. Stress and fatigue caused by a series of factors including working late, not sleeping enough and constantly worrying.
  2. Strong sunlight and UV-rays are the main weather culprit – not cold weather as commonly thought.
  3. A low immune system makes it more likely for you to develop a cold sore.
  4. Strong emotional responses that spark fear, disgust or sadness can often lead to an outbreak of cold sores.
  5. Hormone imbalance, especially in women aged between 25-35 and 45-55, are most susceptible to cold sores because of menstrual cycles and menopause.

Preventing Cold Sores:

  1. Use lipivir as part of your daily routine, applying it morning and evening to maximise protection and prevent cold sores from developing.
  2. Combat stress by making time for activities that you enjoy, or try practicing mindfulness and meditation through books or apps like HeadSpace.
  3. Wear suncream and a hat to prevent UV-rays triggering cold sores on holidays and during summer.
  4. Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet of protein and carbohydrates, to strengthen your immune system.
  5. Don’t come into contact with anyone carrying the virus, as it can be carried by kissing or through sharing cups, towels and razors.

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