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The lipivir® blog - a life without cold sores

Celebrities suffer from Cold Sores too!

Cold sores are one of the world’s most common diseases. Many well known people and celebrities suffer from this form of herpes and have blisters and sores regularly. Many different publications...

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Can The Herpes Virus be dangerous for us?

The answer is: yes, it can, though thankfully not too often. An open cold sore, however, can lead to an infection of the eyes by way of a smear infection for instance through a hand being wiped across...

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Roter Lippenstift - eine zeitlos schöne Mode-Erscheinung

Mehr zu diesem Thema finden Sie im kostenlosen Ratgeber Make Up unter In der Modewelt ist es "das kleine Schwarze", in der Welt der Kosmetikprodukte ist es der rote Lippenstift. Es heißt...

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