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The lipivir® blog - a life without cold sores

Celebrities suffer from Cold Sores too!

Cold sores are one of the world’s most common diseases. Many well known people and celebrities suffer from this form of herpes and have blisters and sores regularly. Many different publications...

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Can The Herpes Virus be dangerous for us?

The answer is: yes, it can, though thankfully not too often. An open cold sore, however, can lead to an infection of the eyes by way of a smear infection for instance through a hand being wiped across...

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Red Lipstick – a Fashion Item of Timeless Beauty

In the world of cosmetics red lipstick is pretty much the equivalent to ‘the little black dress’ in the fashion world. This passionate colour continues to be as popular as ever and it’s...

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Everything You Need to Know About Cold Sores and New Born Babies

Giving birth is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of your life. From decorating the nursery, mulling over names and buying tiny baby clothes, every moment is cherished, and gives you that feeling...

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Cold Sore Triggers and How You Can Avoid an Outbreak

Suffer from cold sores? Ever find yourself asking ‘why me?’ With 85% of the UK population carrying the cold sore virus, it doesn’t seem fair that some of us have to put up with the nasty...

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