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by mel
«I'm not keen on the taste, not that am eating it but you get the taste in your mouth. My cold sore went in days but as soon as I stopped using it I got two I'm not to sure if it's ment to be used all the time or just on cold sores but I 100% recommend I normally have cold sores for a week or more once it started tingling I started to use asap and it was gone in 4/5 days 9/10 »
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by a.austin
lipivir®: Hi Mel, great to hear it's been helping you! It seems like you might be suffering from cold sores quite frequently, in which case we do recommend applying a very small dab in the morning and evening every day - a 2g tube should last you 1-2 months. What's more is that lipivir is intended as a preventative, so if you make it part of your daily routine you shouldn't get outbreaks in the first place. Let us know if you have any questions. Best wishes, Alix