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by rbennett
«I am willing to give anything a try and absolutely hate getting cold sores. I don't think 5 tubes for the year is enough. If you use it twice a day a tube lasts no more than 4 weeks and not ten weeks. My 2g tube quickly emptied and became quite 'bendy'. Would it be better in a plastic type tube instead of metal? I applied it to my lips and didn't get a cold sore, unfortunately I then got a cold sore around the bottom of my nostrils instead. I have had them there before. My cold sore tends to appear as follows: I don't tend to get tingling but an intense pain in my nose and then a clear liquid runs out almost as if I am getting a cold a couple of days later. I then usually get a cold sore. It appears each time in the same area on my lip. I wonder if the virus is carried in the clear liquid and as I sleep it then runs to the top left of my lip where the cold sore appears. The next time I get the nose pain I may try and sleep with a tissue up my nose to absorb any liquid. This cold sore lasted quite a nearly a week but was certainly less than usual. Does anyone else get this?»
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by lipivir
the material used for the tube is the best solution found for this product in a development process. The amount you use each time will determine how long it lasts and (most people tell us) that you don’t have to use much to get the desired effect. In order to get answers to your questions re how your cold sore appears you should see your doctor.