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by emmsee
«It would be nice to know how polyethylene glycol prevents cold sores - other than an emollient effect which presumably any lip care prodct would use ie it's a lip moisturiser. It says in small print that it does not kill the herpes virus. Anyway, not tried yet- my husband and children get them but as I will no doubt be unable to make my husband use it daily as a preventative, I should be able to make him use it once he gets one so we shall see then if it shifts it any quicker than other products out there. I realise it may not do as the whole point is prevention which I endorse as a health Visitor- prevention is always better than cure but as a non scientific and linear thinker, I suspect I shall only get to see him use it when an outbreak occurs. has anyone found it more effective than other products as a topical treatment once a cold sore has occured and who does not use it representatively?»
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by a.austin
lipivir®: Hi Emmsee and Nela, you can see a full breakdown of how our proprietary mixture of polyethylene glycols helps prevent cold sores on our About page: - hopefully once your husband sees the positive effects through the children he'll be more tempted to use it as a preventative, because let's face it, cold sores can be very painful! Do let us know if you have any further questions and hope you have a great experience with lipivir. Best wishes, Alix
by Nela
I always start the application a few days before I expect the next cold sore (because I will be exposed to a trigger). Haven't had another outbreak so far, so I think, it's way more effective than other products.
by emmsee
sorry I meant to type preventively but am now unable to edit.